Volume-IV Issue-I (April to June, 2017)



01-  Beginning of New Academic Session.


08-  Painting Activity, Talk on Environmental

Issues, Yoga, English Story Telling.


18- World Heritage Day Celebration.


22- World Earth Day Celebration, Quiz, Debate,

       Spelling Activity.


29- Hindi Story Telling Activity, Dictation






06-  Hand painting, Poster Making, Hindi

 Handwriting Activity.


20-  English Story Telling Activity.


27-  Investiture Ceremony



01-  Periodic Test –I.


05-  World Environment Day Celebration.


10-  English Story Telling Activity.


20-  Parent Teacher Meet.


21-  Summer Break Begins.





“To succeed in your mission, -you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”

                                                                                                -Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

It was the time to begin the new academic session with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm as we do every year. On the very first day of school i.e on 1st April 2017, the students reported to the school early morning, all dressed up in their new sparkling and tidy uniforms, eager to meet their teachers and classmates. The teachers welcomed the students with affection. The students were quite excited and full of energy as they entered their new classrooms. 

The students of LKG and UKG also seemed to be enthusiastic to learn new things in their classrooms and their teachers welcomed them with warmth. It was a joy to watch Nursery students who started their educational journey at the beginning of the New Academic Session. The Principal wished the very best to all the students and teachers at the beginning of the new Academic Session.


The activities and celebrations etc. held from April to June are as follows:






The School has constituted an Eco Club to sensitize children about environmental issues. Aware students can bring environment friendly methods into practice in day to day lives. For the education and awareness of the students, Eco Club organizes a series of activities. To help students come up with various innovative ideas, Eco Club had organized talk on environmental issues such as Global Warming, Depletion of Ozone Layer etc., Speech on Methods of Conservation of Environment, Debate on Use of Degradable Materials and Poster Making Activity on ‘Polythene Ban’. The activities aimed at spreading awareness to save the eco system by preventing the use of things which are harmful for the environment. In Eco Club, the students and teachers share their views on different environmental issues.





The School runs Heritage Club for the students to make them aware of Social and Cultural Heritage of India. The Heritage Club provides a platform for not just disbursement of useful information but also for educating the children about the rich heritage of India and our cultural diversity. For education of the children the activities organized by the Heritage Club were ‘Introduction to our Heritage’, Quiz, Speech making and Painting activities. In the Heritage Club, the students have discussed about culture, rituals and monuments of India. A history Quiz was also conducted in the Heritage Club on 22nd April, 2017. The students made active participation in the same.





Health and Wellness Club is constituted to educate children about healthy habits and benefits of physical exercises. Students in Health and Wellness Club are given Yoga lessons. They also play various games and learn Aerobics, and different kinds of exercises. Yoga is an old discipline from India. It helps in spiritual as well as physical well being. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. In order to develop healthy habits within the students, the students take part in discussions about good habits, healthy food and personal hygiene.






“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the          greatest accomplishment.”   - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The ability to express someone else’s words in one’s own way enables a child to create his/her own unique identity. It is well known that story reading as well as telling help the children to enhance their imagination skills and build up their vocabulary. There is a magic in the art of story telling that children connect to stories almost quickly.  Children also like to narrate stories, themselves. The excitement of telling a story leads to reading story books.

A story telling activity was conducted on 08th April, 2017 for the students of class I to III. They were very excited to narrate their stories with the help of body actions and they participated enthusiastically in the activity.

Story telling in both Hindi and English are conducted in the School. Students have narrated interesting stories in Story telling activities. A Hindi Story Telling Activity was conducted on 29th April, followed by English Story Telling Activity on 20th May and 10th June. All the participants were well prepared with interesting stories. The students showcased their creativity and language, and speaking skills by narrating different stories. The activity also encouraged them to read story books.





Learning spellings is an integral part of learning languages. Accuracy is of vital importance in all the disciplines and languages are no exception. In order to improve English language, a spelling activity was held on 22nd April, 2017 for the students of classes I to III. The activity was based on the names of fruits and vegetables. Likewise, spelling activity has been conducted with the students of Classes VI-VIII. We intend to extend the program to include ‘Spell Bee’ amongst the regular activities in the School.





Dictation helps the children to learn correct spellings, thus strengthening their vocabulary. At the same time, it helps in testing the listening and writing skills of students.  In view of this, an English dictation activity was held on 29th April, 2017 for the classes I to III. The students were dictated difficult words from their text books which were penned down by them.








A Hand Painting Activity was organized on 6th May, 2017. The students were taught to make painting on their hands by using several colours. This activity was organized for the students for the first time which they relished immensely.




Good handwriting for students can never be overemphasized. To inculcate the aesthetic sense in the students, it becomes imperative to encourage them to improve their handwriting. A tidy handwriting creates a sense of beauty, and gives a clear sense of neatness and disciplined approach amidst the students. To teach the students the value of good and perfect handwriting, a Hindi handwriting activity was conducted on 6th May, 2017 for Classes I to III. The students made appreciable effort to make their handwriting impeccable.




Apart from academics, sports activities are an integral part of our curriculum for the complete development of children. Various sports activities were conducted in the month of April, May and June. Junior children generally crave for races and Kho-Kho, and senior students usually opt for Basketball, whenever asked to play. The students had Class-wise Long jump and Carrom competitions in the month of May and June respectively.




To evaluate the academic performance of the students from classes I to X, Periodic Test-I of 20 Marks for each subject was conducted from 1st June to 07th June, 2017. The result of the same was discussed with the Parents on 20th June in a PTM.






World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind. Protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it. On 18th April, World Heritage Day was observed at our school where a special assembly was conducted by the students. On this occasion, Aakriti Chaudhary, a student of class VIII, highlighted the importance of conserving the world heritage.




Earth is the only planet on this universe where life exists. According to Indian folklore, Earth is known as the ‘Mother’ of mankind. These days, it is widely seen that humans are damaging the earth ruthlessly by exploiting the natural resources for their own benefits. If exploitation of resources continue at the present rate, survival of life on Earth will become difficult after a few decades. So it has become mandatory to save Mother Earth from the destructive hands so that our future generations also survive peacefully. Our school observed World Earth Day on 22nd April, 2017. All the students and teachers gathered at the assembly ground to celebrate the ‘Earth Day’. Rahul Chand of class X highlighted the significance of the day through his informative speech. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal told the students to contribute in keeping the surroundings clean. He also advised the students to promote use of things made of environment friendly materials, only.




Investiture ceremony holds an important place in the School Calendar. Every school displays this day on their calendar in order to choose the body of Prefects for their new academic session. The Prefect Council for session 2017-18 came into effect on 27th May 2017 in a colourful function. The function was hosted by Ms. Amrita Dimri. The programme commenced with the announcement of House In-charge teachers and Co- In-charge teachers followed by the announcement of Captains and Vice Captains of each house and Volunteers from every class. Then, the names of Sports Captain and Vice Captain were announced. At last, the breathtaking moment arrived; the moment of announcement of the names of Head Boy and Head Girl. Everyone eagerly waited for this disclosure. Rahul Chand and Sukanya Mehta, both from Class X, were entrusted with the responsibility of being the Head Boy and Head Girl, respectively. The newly selected Prefects were conferred with badges by the respective Teacher In-charges.  Thereafter, the Principal made the new Prefect Council to take an oath to fulfill their duties earnestly and diligently.








On 5th June, 2017, World Environment Day was celebrated with enthusiasm by our school. On this day, a special assembly was conducted by the students where Rahul Chand, Head boy of the school delivered a speech on World Environment Day and highlighted its importance. Class discussions were also organized wherein the students discussed the various ways in which they can keep the environment clean and green.







International Yoga Day falls on 21st June every year. The day is celebrated with the message of peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world. The day provides with an opportunity to imbibe the values of discipline and endurance for healthy living. Since the School had Summer Vacation and it was not possible for all the students to come to School for celebration of the ‘Yoga Day’, the day was celebrated together by those students and teachers who live in the vicinity of the school. The students performed various yoga asanas guided by Mr. Rajesh Nautiyal and Mr. Sandeep Singh.



The much awaited summer break of the School was between 21st June and 30th June, 2017. Everyone was excited for the holidays.


We feel immense pleasure to publish the 1st issue of the Newsletter 2017-18. In this volume we share the news and happenings of JVM, Vishnupuram with the entire group.

Happy reading!


With thanks.  

Patron- Mr. Manoj Joshi, Principal

Editor: Mrs. Sushma Sati, TGT (English)










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