From the Desk of Manager

Good Education is not only the greatest equaliser of Social and Economic Disparity but also the foundation of building strong National Character and thereby of Great Nations. One of the finest system of education of ‘Gurukuls’ had been prevailing in India, which resulted in our Nation becoming World Leader in Science, Mathematics, Arts and Commerce in Ancient and Medieval Period. We are pursuing the ethos of ‘Gurukul System’ at Jaypee Vidya Mandir to not only make our children literate but also edified to become Morally and Ethically upright. Our Teachers’ endeavour is to harness their inherent strengths and turn them into leaders of their chosen fields of pursuit. Honing of all round personality development is ensured before the children take “Flight to Their Wings”.

Col Ajoy Bakshi (Retd)

Jaypee Vidya Mandir

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