ABHIVYAKTI Newsletter Jaypee Vidya Mandir, Vishnupuram Volume-V Issue-I (April to June 2018)



       02- New Session Begins

       07- Drawing and Colouring Activity for Class I to III/ Poster Making Activity for Class

              IV to X

     13- Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Birth Anniversary Celebration

     16- Monthly Class Tests for Class I to X

     18- World Heritage Day Celebration

     21- World Earth Day Celebration/ Nukkad Natak on Cleanliness

     28- Parent-Teacher Meet



       05-  Best Out of Waste Activity for Class I to X

       12- Club Activities /Selection for English Recitation Competition for Class I to III

       14- Monthly Class Tests for Class I to X

       18- Colouring Competition for Pre-Primary classes

       19- Club Activities for Class IV to X/Games for Class I to III

       21- Inspection for ‘Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar 2017-18’ by Team from UNICEF and   

              NEERMAN deputed by MHRD, Govt. of India

       25- English Recitation Competition for Class I to III

       26- Mathematics Quiz for the Junior Group (IV to VI) and Senior group (VII to X)

       28- Magic Show by Red Cross Society

       29- Declaration of CBSE Class X Board Result



01-Periodic Test- I Begins

02- Science Quiz for the Junior Group (IV to VI)

05- World Environment Day Celebration

16- Science Quiz for the Senior Group (VII to X)

18- International Yoga Day Celebration

19- Parent-Teacher Meet

20- Summer Break




“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make        a new ending.”                                                           - Maria Robinson

Every child waits eagerly for this day and the day is when the school opens for a new Academic Session. Children are enthusiastic to enter new classrooms with their new books. The new Academic Session (2018-19) of Jaypee Vidya Mandir, Vishnupuram commenced on 2 April, 2018.  At the beginning of the Session there was excitement in the air, especially for the tiny tots of Nursery class who embarked on their journey of education from a new place outside their home, that is their classroom. The commencement of the new Session entailed a lot of academic and co-curricular events planned for the session. The description of the same for the period between April and June 2018 is as underneath:-


DRAWING AND COLOURING/ POSTER MAKING Usually, children are found surrounded with posters, colorful papers and pens. They are passionate for drawing and painting things in their own way. Keeping this in view, a Drawing & Colouring and Poster Making activity was conducted for the students of class I to III and IV to X, respectively, on 7th April, 2018. The topic for Poster Making was ‘Swachch Bharat’ while the topic for Drawing & Colouring activity was ‘Fruit Basket’. The activity was fruitful and enhanced not only the creative skills but also the imagination, concentration and expressions of the students as they carefully made various types of Posters/Drawings. The best Posters and Drawings were chosen for the decoration of classrooms soft boards. 

BEST OUT OF WASTE- We train the students to reuse the waste to make things which are useful and look beautiful. To develop the right approach and a positive attitude amongst the children towards the waste, a ‘Best Out of Waste’ activity was conducted on 5th May, 2018 for the students of class I to X. The students brought the waste things from their homes to make useful things of their choice. Everyone tried their best to be creative and proved that they can make unique things from the waste which is usually thrown in the dustbins and considered trash by the people. Students were able to show that little effort and lot of creativity can produce wondrous results.

DRAWING AND PAINTING ACTIVITY-The Heritage club organized a Drawing and Painting activity on 12th May, 2018 for the students. The activity was based on Historical Monuments of India. The students made beautiful Drawings and Paintings of the famous Indian monuments.


SKIT ACTIVITY- A Skit activity was held by the Eco Club on 12th May, 2018 on environmental issues where the children gave the message to plant more and more trees and use eco-friendly things in life.


YOGA ACTIVITY- The Health and Wellness club organized a Yoga activity on 12th May, 2018 for its students. Various Yoga asanas were taught to the children to be fit and fine. The children enjoyed the activity a lot and performed many asanas along with their instructor.


STORY TELLING ACTIVITY – The Public Speaking club conducted a story telling activity on 12th May, 2018 for the students. The children narrated different kinds of stories. They were very excited to share their stories with one another.


QUIZ ACTIVITY- A quiz activity was conducted by the Heritage club on 19th May, 2018 for the students. The quiz was based on heritage of India. The activity enhanced their knowledge about the heritage of India.


PHYSICAL EXERCISE ACTIVITY- The Health and Wellness club organized physical exercise for the students on 19th May, 2018. The students performed physical exercise with the help of the instructor. Such activities are useful to boost up the physical agility and stamina of the students.


SPEECH MAKING ACTIVITY- Public Speaking Club aims at making the students good orators. To develop the oratory skills of the students it becomes imperative to organize speaking activities. In order to foster the public speaking skills of the students, the club organized a speech activity on 19th May, 2018. The topic of the speech was ‘Swachch Bharat’. The students presented their views on the topic. They shared several views that can help everyone to clean their surroundings well.


NUKKAD NATAK- Nukkad Natak is an effective way to convey a social message to a large group of people. While Nukkad Natak gives an opportunity for theatrical performance to children, it is an excellent way for students to come together as a team to make audience aware about a social cause. With Swachh Bharat Abhiyan being one of the most popular campaigns launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, our students of Class IX were given a task to present a Nukkad Natak on the theme of Swachh Bharat. Under the guidance of Class-teacher Mrs. Archana Chaudhary, the students of Class IX prepared an impressive Nukkad Natak and presented it to their schoolmates on 21st April, 2018 on the occasion of the World Earth Day. The students enacted everyday habits of common people and showed how by changing our habits and ensuring contribution as a community we can make Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a success. The students gave a resounding message about healthy habits, cleanliness and waste disposal through their performance. The presentation was liked and appreciated by one and all. 



COLOURING COMPETITION- Children of Pre-Primary classes love to play with colours. They like to fill colours in various pictures. In order to foster their love for colouring, a colouring competition was held on 18th May, 2018 for the students of Nursery, LKG and UKG. The students enthusiastically took part in the competition and coloured the pictures given to them. It was an opportunity for all children to learn about various colours.


ENGLISH RECITATION COMPETITION- Recitation is an art through which one expresses his/her feelings with proper gestures. Small kids love to recite English poems. So to help students to develop this art an English Recitation competition was organized on 25th May, 2018 for the students of Class I to III. They recited different kinds of poems with proper stress, body movements and intonation. They all enjoyed it a lot and felt happy after taking part in this competition. 


MATHEMATICS QUIZ COMPETITION- Mathematics is a great tool for mental exercise and an ideal subject for people who enjoy abstract thinking. Knowing basic math principles help develop stronger mental visualization skills. Besides, mathematical activities help to improve problem solving abilities. An Inter-house Mathematics Quiz Competition was held on 26th May, 2018 in the school for the students of the Class IV to X. The students were divided into two groups: Junior (Class IV to VI) and Senior (Class VII to X). The Quiz had four rounds based on different segments of the subject. Participants and audience, all enjoyed this competition a lot. The Quiz for Junior Category was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT, and the Quiz for Senior Category was conducted by Mr. Gajendra Panwar- TGT- Mathematics. In Junior Category, Subhash House emerged as the winner, and in the Senior Category Nehru House stood first in the competition. 


SCIENCE QUIZ COMPETITION- Science is said to be the engine of prosperity. Ever since the industrial revolution, scientific research has led to plethora of inventions that have expedited economic development the world over. In view of the significance of Science and to encourage the students to study Science, a Science Quiz was conducted in the form of an Inter-house competition for the Junior category (Class IV to VI) and senior category (Class VII to X) on 2nd June, 2018 and 16th June, 2018 respectively. The quiz was conducted by Mrs. Chanchal Negi- TGT-Science. All the participants were well prepared for the competition. They took part ardently in the quiz and made good efforts to secure the highest score. Subhash House and Nehru House won the Competition in the Junior and Senior category, respectively. The performance of the students in Science Quiz was a kind of repetition of Mathematics Quiz since the Winner Houses in both categories were the same.  




“A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.”                                                                  - Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

A special assembly was organized by the students of Class IX in the memory of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on 13th April, 2018. The assembly began with the morning prayers followed by a Hindi speech made by Amandeep Singh of Class X. In his speech, he asserted that everyone must imbibe and practice the principles of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity as advocated by Dr. Ambedkar and enshrined in the constitution of India. All the teachers and students paid tribute to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.


WORLD HERITAGE DAY CELEBRATION- World Heritage Day which is celebrated on 18th April every year is a special occasion to raise awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it. This day is also known as the International Day of Monuments and Sites and was approved by the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1983. On this day a special assembly was conducted by the students of Class IX. The assembly was informative and speakers stressed on the importance of preserving the world heritage.



In the universe, there is only one planet so far where life is known to be possible and that is our Mother Earth. We are fortunate enough to be here and leading a healthy life. However today’s human has become selfish and is using the resources present on the Earth irrationally for his/her materialistic pleasure. So, to prevent this evil act of destroying the beautiful Earth and turning it into a hot ball, we observe World Earth Day on 22nd April every year. It being Sunday on 22nd April, 2018 we celebrated the Earth Day on 21st April, 2018 in our school. On this day, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Class X. Sakshi Rawat of Class X made an educational speech on this day where she made everyone aware about uniqueness of the Earth. The Principal, Shri Manoj Joshi ji addressed the students and motivated them to contribute their bit to save the natural resources on the Earth.


WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION- World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June, 2018 with great zeal in the school. An interesting skit was presented by class VIII students on the theme ‘Say not to plastics’. It was an eye-catching act which enthralled everyone present on the occasion. Informative and educational speeches were made by the students Ayesha Rawat of Class VIII and Ritika Ramola of Class IX.  It was followed by a speech made by Mrs Chanchal Negi, TGT- Science. Eventually, the celebration concluded with the encouraging words of the Principal, Shri Manoj Joshi Ji. Speaking on the occasion, he said that environment protection is a global issue and should be considered sincerely. Moreover, he inspired the students to adopt green ways of life and plant at least a tree on their birthdays to give their contribution in protecting the mother Earth from the manmade destruction. 





Since the beginning of new Academic Session 2018-19, Capacity Building Progammes are being conducted by newly established CBSE Centre of Excellence, Dehradun to update the knowledge of the teachers about various aspects of teaching and learning process. Teachers from Jaypee Vidya Mandir, Vishnupuram have attended the workshops on various topics at Dehradun, Haridwar and Ranikhet. On 28th and 29th April, 2018, a two days workshop was conducted on ‘Classroom Management’ at Doon Global School, Jhajra, Dehradun. Ms. Chanchal Negi TGT-Science and Ms. Sushma Sati TGT-English attended the same. On 12th May 2018 a workshop on ‘Life Skills’ was held at DAV School Haridwar which was attended by Ms. Arti Kashyap, PRT and Ms, Deepa Negi, PRT. A workshop on ‘Remodelled Assessment’ was conducted at GDBMS, Ranikhet which was attended by Mr Sandeep Bhandari on 1st June, 2018. A Capacity Building Programme on ‘Class-X English’ was attended by Ms. Sushma Sati TGT-English on 11th and 12th June 20-18 at Universal Academy, Turner Road, Dehradun. In all these workshops the experts from CBSE trained/updated the teachers of various CBSE affiliated schools of the region on various topics.



It is a matter of pride for Jaypee Vidya Mandir family that we won First Prize in Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar 2017-18, at District Level. After inspection by the district and state level teams, our School was recommended for inspection by the national team. Out of all applicant schools from all over the country, 727 schools had been selected as the final contestants for Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar at National level. A team of Officials from UNICEF and NEERMAN deputed by MHRD, Govt. of India, inspected our school on 21st May, 2018. Having arrived without prior notice, the team inspected and scrutinitised various facilities and practices of the school. Besides verification of facilities available in the school, the Inspection team also spoke to students, teachers and parents. The team was all praises for the facilities provided in the school and appreciated the Nukkad Natak presented by Class-IX students on Cleanliness and Hygiene. The result of Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar (2017-18) is likely to be announced in the month of September-2018.


TESTS/EXAMS- In the new Academic Session 2018-19, for continuous evaluation and monitoring of students’ progress, Class-tests are being conducted every month. The students had their Class-tests in the months of April and May and then the Periodic Test-I was conducted in the month of June-2018.


SUMMER BREAK-  From 20th June to 30th  June, 2018, the School was closed for Summer Break. After Summer break, the School reopened on 2nd July 2018 when students came back with many stories to tell about their visit to their native places and meeting with grandparents.


We feel immense pleasure to publish 1st issue of the Newsletter 2018-19. In this volume we share the news and happenings of JVM, Vishnupuram with the entire group. Hope you all will relish the same.

With thanks.

Patron- Mr. Manoj Joshi, Principal

Editor: Mrs. Sushma Sati, TGT (English)










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